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Speed (1994)

Rating: 8
Production: 20th Century Fox
Director: Jan de Bont , Alan Ruck
Writer: Graham Yost
Duration: 116 min

Hal Erickson: If you don’t think Speed is the fastest-moving adventure film ever made, we challenge you to find a faster one. Keanu Reeves stars as an LA Bomb Squad specialist whose principal antagonist is elusive bomber-extortionist Dennis Hopper. Seeking vengeance after his latest ransom scheme is thwarted, Hopper presents a personal challenge to Reeves: A wired-for-destruction city bus, which will detonate if the speedometer drops below 50 MPH. Playing the reluctant civilian who is pressed into service as the bus’ “substitute driver,” leading lady Sandra Bullock became a major star in her own right. Once Speed gets to the meat of its story, the excitement never lets up–not even after the boobytrapped bus is out of the picture.

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